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Ear-tipping is a sign that a cat is spayed or neutered?

It is an international sign for animal welfare organizations and veterinarians to immediately identify the neutered cats!

While the animal is under general anesthesia, the vet cuts a small part of the left ear!

The cat will not be in pain, as it will get painkillers for the sterilization operation anyway. Cutting the ear is not considered mutilation, as it is for the dogs! Why is this happening;

It is part of the TNR program (trap, neuter, return) which means: Trapped – Sterile – Return (TNR)

Veterinarians can tell if a male cat has been neutered, but it is not the same for females! Cutting the tip of the ear has been adopted by many European animal welfare organizations  as the most effective way to identify neutered stray cats.

What was happening before the “eartipping” was introduced?
  • Before the ear-tipping was established internationally, animal welfare organizations, in order to avoid trapping already neutered animals, would take pictures of neutered cats! But is it possible to be certain about which black and white cat is sterile amongst many? How can an animal lover tell if a cat is neutered if they don’t have access to any of the photos ?
  • Another way of identifying neutered cats was for the animal to get a small tattoo on the inside of the ear. Using this method would mean that only a veterinarian could tell, while volunteers on the other hand would have wasted time trapping and transporting the animal for no reason.
  • Placing a metal ring in the cat’s ear, which proved to be of no help as the cat was risking the piece of metal getting tangled in its claws or caught in branches and eventually cutting the ear off. The small cut of the tip of the ear, almost 5 mm, proved to be the most effective method.

There is slight to no bleeding, as the area is not covered by large blood vessels and the whole procedure is considered to be quite simple. Due to the ear tipping, volunteers of the unions are able to identify the neutered cats in their area. So, if you come across neutered cats that have fallen into a trap, just release them.

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