How to bond with your cat

You might be wondering where everybody went and why is the city empty, but believe me, your cat couldn’t care less about it.

All it cares about is that’s it’s finally time you two are home alone. How can we take advantage of this situation in order to further strengthen our bond?

Tip # 1

Enjoy the moments of relaxation and falling α asleep with your cat/cats in your arms! Us cats are famous for our legendary sleeps. As long as you are reading a book or watching a movie, I will snuggle right next to, preferably under a duvet. Keep in mind that my companion reduces your cortisol levels, that means less stress for you !

Tip # 2

Let’s play! Even if you have not provided me with some toys to pass time in the first place, here’s something you can do! Crumple a piece of paper or foil and toss it on the floor. I’ll know what to do with it.

Tip # 3

The magic wand. If you haven’t got one already, improvise. You can firmly attach a piece of cloth or a string from an old shoe to a wooden spoon. Get off the couch – this is an opportunity for you to exercise too – and let me unfold my hunting talent.

Tip # 4

Leave an empty paper box in the middle of the room. For some unknown reason it can keep me busy for hours.

Tip # 5

View from above. In case you haven’t got me a tall cat tree to sharpen my nails from above already, you can place a soft cushion on a high table or place a snug blanket in front of the window. This will be and opportunity to enjoy the sun, gossip about the neighbours and inform you about the traffic on the streets.

Tip # 6

Catnip baby! It’s a legal drug so don’t worry, I will be happy and you will enjoy moments of infinite beauty by looking at me.

Tip # 7

I can go all day if I feel like whining about food. Don’t give me a treat every time you open the fridge door though because I’ve noticed that this is the only thing you do when you spend so many hours at home and have nothing else to do.

Tip # 8

Endless beautification. I don’t like the bath as you might have heard and it doesn’t suit me really. Brush my fur with a special glove or the right for me brush for hours… this will help me get even more radiant hair by removing the “dead” hair and you in making the house cleaner. Make sure you do it gently, carefully and patiently and it may turn out to be one of the most precious moments we spend together.

Tip # 9

Laser… this moving red dot activates my hunting and survival instincts. What you may not know is that it’s not just a game for me. I’m actually trying to catch it and destroy it so at the end of the day it disappoints me when I don’t . What can you do to avoid that from happening ? You can put toys or little treats and move the laser dot towards them so I feel I’ve succeeded every time I “catch” the dot.

Tip # 10

Endless caresses, cuddles and sleeping.

Tip # 11

All the things mentioned above can be done after the end of Covid-19 as well… The moments we spend together are invaluable for both me and you. They’re an opportunity to strengthen our bond, to enjoy sleep and to relax together.

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