Dear Parent,

I know we may not speak the same language but

I know many times when I look into your eyes you realize how much I feel you. I wish there was a some kind of a device for the two of us to make communication easier for both of us. Until you discover it I’ll be writing here, and then you can ask me anything you want, so to make our relationship even more beautiful.

So let’s start with the basics.

You found me, I found you, it doesn’t matter. Our lives will never be the same again. Unfortunately, I cannot promise you that I will be with you for the rest of your life, but I will be with you for the rest of my life! Take good care of me wholeheartly. Do not neglect my visits to the vet, my vaccines, antiparasites and my ampoules. Give me a strong immune system so I can play with you for more years.

Every time you leave home, I’ll count the minutes for you to be back.

Probably in the beginning I will not be able to handle my anxiety every time you open the door and go to work. Once I realize that this is our routine and that when you leave you will come back again I will calm down and show exemplary behavior. Routine is very important for me don’t forget it. The eating hours , the strolls or the play with you, make me feel safe. Help me fight my anxiety. You have to know that I am thinking of you from dusk to dawn. And if you don’t believe me, there are studies that prove that even when I’m asleep, I am thinking of you, again. So take care of yourself, I’m right here, waiting for you.

At any stage of my life, even though we just met, as soon as I know you better and trust each other, I will never leave my eyes from you. Be a little patient at the beginning because you don’t know what might have happened to me in the past. But together we will overcome it, and leave it all behind. My fears and your fears.

Live with me in the present!

Talk to me, hug me, cuddle me and find some time for me, out of your difficult day to day life. I will live in complete happiness and you will be able to recharge your batteries and empty your mind for a while. You need it, trust me. After all, I have a blind trust in you and it works for me!

If I do something you don’t like and it bothers you, have in mind that I didn’t do it on purpose! I guess that I haven’t figured out exactly what you are asking for. Show me what to do, and what not to do. I want our common life to go smoothly, but most of all, I want to be a proud and happy parent.

I know that I’m a beggar and annoy you some times for counting your bites and stealing food from whereever I find it, but don’t let me gain weight like this.Just like humans, thousands of diseases lurk in us. Despite the saying full pounds of joy, quite a few diseases are directly corellated with overweight, just like cancer, diabetes and much more. If you find any lumps in me, take me to the vet immediately. It can be a simple lipid, but it can also be very serious.

I know that you will want my kids to be cute just like me but think of this:

The soonest you will neuter me, the lower the chances are of developing breast cancer. In fact, according to surveys, if the prospect of neutering, does it, at the right age, the chances are reduced to zero! An event that applies to both boys and girls! Don’t believe you don’t need to neuter me because I’m male. I’m going to develop weird habits because of the hormones that drive me crazy and I run the risk of developing testicular cancer, a highly metastatic cancer. If anyone tells you it’s best to give birth once and then neuter me, ignore him and consult our vet. It will definitely explain it better and more scientifically than me.

When I start aging, show patience.

My joints will start to ache and I will have trouble running and jumping as I used to. Take care to strengthen my joints and bones as early as you can. When I start to hurt at first I will hide it. It’s good that I don’t want to upset you. But when I will start to show you, that means my joints are damaged and the pain will be unbearable. Don’t let me hurt. Make sure that I will be able to climb to the couch or bed as I used to, putting something like a step so that my life wouldn’t change so dramatically.

I’ll start to forget (I may forget my name but never you) and sometimes get lost in the house. I may no longer see well and stumble into walls and furniture. I am very sorry for that and feel ashamed but time, unfortunately, is relentless with everyone. I want you to be prepared. But I did not do it on purpose, because my life is so short in this world. You will have to realize that the older I get, I will need you more and more. Don’t give up on me. I will love you until my last breath. When it is time to leave for the final last time, leave me in your arms and I will be afraid of nothing. Do not be sad for me because I lived close to you and that, was the absolute happiness for me. Remember me and smile.

With all my love, your little pet.

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