Playing at home

Playing at home #stayhome has obviously become viral and it is a great opportunity to take advantage of the situation to spend more time together. Truth to be told though, we can play these games even after we “get rid” of this pandemic!

Game # 1

find the treat! In case you didn’t know, listen to this! My nose is a wonder of Mother Nature! My olfactory sense is amazing due to more than 200 million olfactory cells in my nose, unlike the human nose where there are only 5 million of them! Before we play this game, show me the treat so I know if it’s worth the trouble! As soon as I confirm it’s ok, start hiding the treat nearby and pretend to be looking for it with me until you are sure that I have understood the purpose of the game! Finders keepers,right?

Game # 2

The knot! Obviously for this game we assume my teeth are in a good condition. This game is not suitable for puppies or seniors unless we play extremely gently! This is how it’s done: tie a knot using a rope and then you pull on your side, I pull on my side! Easy peasy! You can also use a pair of old socks for this game! Heavy on the old though because I’m warning you from the very beginning that you won’t be able to wear those socks ever again..

Game # 3

Hide & Seek That’s right! The old, traditional hide & seek you played as a kid! It may take me a while to understand the rules of the game but once I do, it will help with my mental stimulation and further strengthen our bond. I will most likely follow you when you go hide of course, so we might need a little help from a walk-on for distraction so you can find the perfect spot to hide and then give me a shout! Needless to say, be prepared for caresses and cuddles once I do find you !

Game # 4

The ball! Ideally a tennis ball or a similar one at the same size roughly. You just throw the ball here and there, I fetch it, return it to you and repeat! Although this game is very enjoyable, it is possible that I will be overwhelmed with excitement and might cause some damage unintentionally! Careful where you throw the ball though! For example, it is best to avoid throwing it near jars and candlesticks.

Game # 5

training Practice makes perfect! So let’s repeat the commands I’ve learned so far and why not learn new ones! It is absolutely necessary that you reward me with treats and never ending cuddles!

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