Splish Splash

Taking a nice bath is very relaxing for you. For me, however, it can go two ways… either turn into another opportunity to spend precious time together or turn into a living hell..

Let’s start with the basicsWhen should I NOT take a bath?
  • When I’m still a puppy! You can start bathing me at 3-4 months and once I get my first round of vaccinations completed so I have enough antibodies!
  • After each vaccine I should not get into the water for 3 days
  • A few days before and after deworming
  •  If any skin condition occurs , we must contact our vet prior to proceeding with the bath
  • In the case of a pregnancy we must avoid stress for any reason…
  • The right shampoo…

We must NEVER use shampoo designed for humans! The Ph and the composition of human shampoos are completely different and are designed for human skin and hair. By the way, even shampoos designed for babies are banned as the Ph of my skin is super-alkaline and needs to be taken proper care of. Using these products can only result in disrupting the flora of my skin, which may lead to anything from a dry skin to a severe allergic dermatitis. Taking into consideration the quality and needs of the hair as well as the age factor, there are plenty products in the market to choose from both store and salon quality!

  • Before the bath, you should brush my hair a few times to remove the excess hair and detangle the rest!
  • Make sure you have my own, large towel ready so as soon as I come out of that bath you can use it to absorb the huge amounts of water from my dripping feet..
  •  You’ll also need to have the hair dryer ready to dry my fur before I get all cold and shivering.
  • A non-slip bath mat can always come handy.
Water temperature

In the winter it’s best to give me a bath in the bathtub! (My vet can confirm that the use of bleach and hot water are enough to disinfect the bathtub after I use it so no harm no foul!)

  •  Start by checking the water temperature on your own hand and make sure it’s lukewarm, I like it neither too cold nor too hot!
  •  A moderate water pressure is always nice otherwise I might get scared
    If you still insist that the bathtub is only yours, a large tub will do the job for me. Mind you. Most of the year the weather is cold and I might have a cold and tummy ache if you don’t dry me up carefully. In the summer, bath time is clearly much easier… (eg you can wash me in the garden using a hose etc.)
In the process…

Try not to get angry at me and please don’t make a fuss if I start jumping in the bathtub! It’s absolutely natural and inevitable for me to be scared or even anxious, especially in the beginning! You have to hold me in place and talk to me in a calm manner. Anything you do make sure you DON’T PUSH ME! It is extremely hazardous and I might end up slipping which is obviously not a pleasant experience!

The thorough “cleaning”!
Work the shampoo into a gentle lather and massage it all over my back, legs and abdomen, while making sure you avoid the head, ears and eyes for obvious reasons!

Do not forget that meticulous rinsing which is necessary

The… styling!

Thoroughly dry my fur, ears and between the legs to avoid dermatitis and fungal infections due to moisture . Therefore…

  • Dry my fur thoroughly with a special hydrophilic towel to remove all the water
  • Blow dry! At low intensity and not with very hot air (my skin gets burned easily) in order to remove even the slightest moisture

Tip! A treat can always come in handy! As you bathe me it is always a good idea to give me a treat as a way to reward me! That’ll make me feel good about myself and hey.. you never know,I might end up looking forward to the next bath!

If you ever feel that my bath time is too much for you to handle, there will always be a good groomer to take good care of me .. no need to beat yourself up about it!

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