Urine outside the litter box…

Here is what I am trying to tell you and you better listen!

Urine outside the litter box always means there is something wrong. What is the usual cause, what steps should you follow and what to avoid?

Let’s have a look..


1. health disorder

2. insufficient cleaning

3. unsuitable litter sand and/or unsuitable litter box/tray

But let’s have a more detailed look at the issue:
  • Painful medical condition. Anything related to the urinary system such as urinary tract infection, cystitis, urolithiasis… A visit to the vet is essential! But in addition to the urinary system, from a certain age onwards you have to remember that my joints may become weak and sore so the trip to the litter box may not be that easy… Replace it with a more “convenient” and open litter and the problem is solved!

* Psychological factors. Stress! Has anything changed in my much-coveted routine? Is it a new visitor? Am I being bullied by another family member? I demand to have my own litter box! Exclusively!

The rule of thumb is one litter box per cat plus one extra. That is, if there are 3 cats in the house, we’ll need 3 litter boxes plus a spare one , just to be on the safe side.

  • Insufficient cleaning. When was the last time you cleaned…? I am not randomly seen as a symbol of cleanliness. Considering that each cat dedicates roughly 3.5 hours a day for its cleanliness, how do you expect me to get into a dirty litter box? At least once a day it is necessary to clean the sand with the shovel and occasionally to disinfect the box with soap and vinegar. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and make sure it’s totally dry before adding sand again! (Disinfectants based on pine oils are prohibited)
  • Unsuitable sand! Each cat has its own preferences when it comes to sand. Some like the sand with fine grains, others with coarse grains! With or without perfume. Crystals or even pellets. It all depends on the taste of each cat so play it by the ear… Fortunately there is a great variety in pet shops.
  • Inadequate litter box. I need enough space for this whole toilet ritual ! The litter box must be large enough for me to move comfortably inside, without the risk of touching old dirt!
Avoid at any cost!
  • You don’t get to argue with us cats and you don’t get to shout at us either!
  • You don’t rub our face on the carpet or on the bed or wherever we had an “oopsie”.

Long story short I need stability, security and love in my life. Otherwise I get anxious and misbehave..

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