What’s going on in your dog’s mind?

How many times have you wished you could understand what’s going on in my mind and what am I actually thinking?

Maybe you’ve even dreamed of me talking to you in human language and share my desires and needs with you ? You might be able to only hear the “woof” that’s coming out of my mouth, but don’t you worry..

Research once again confirms that intelligence far exceeds your expectations

What does this mean; I may not speak your language but I will find various ways to express my needs and feelings with you by using my body language. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), if I feel fear, anxiety or hunger, you will be able to determine what is happening simply by observing my body’s movements.

That’s not all there is though.. Going a little deeper into psychology, American KennelClub (AKC) reported that a recent study from Emory University has shown that we can recognize human faces in the same way you do! Because we have spent thousands of years interacting with people, this has resulted in us developing sociability and sensitivity to human facial expressions as well as many words!

When you are my human and I look into your eyes…

You took me out for a walk, you fed me and I’m still looking into your eyes. Wondering if I need anything else and that’s why I can’t take my eyes off you? I may just want you to pet me , cuddle me or pay me attention. On the other hand it might mean nothing but me just liking to look at you. Based on studies when we look at each other, our bodies produce the happiness hormone, also knows as oxytocin. It is the same hormone that is produced when a mother looks at her baby or two people at each other when they’re in love…

Endless barking

And just when you decide to relax, I get all fussy and everything bothers me. I bark for no reason, at the neighbour’s car or into the void and you’re just left there wondering . What’s gotten into me? There’s a number of reasons for this… I may be trying to get more time with you, a little treat or I may be giving you a warning about a danger ahead! Keep your eyes open!

When I tilt my head…

This is an actual proof of communication according to Steven R. Lindsay, author of the “Handbook of Applied Behavior and Dog Training” who claims that I tilt my head because I want to answer! My muzzle also plays a big part as it may be blocking my vision. Another reason may be that I can’t hear clearly! Using the tip of my ears as a satellite, tilting my head helps me improve the reception of sound waves!   All research aside, we both know very well how we feel about each other and how our eyes talk all the time .

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