When I was still a puppy

“When I was still a puppy”

So welcome me!

You saw me, you adored me you couldn’t resist, you adopted me and suddenly a new member was added to the family. I emphasize to the word “new family member” because that is what I am. Family! Think about it, very carefully before you make that decision. I will always be cute, but I will not always be a little puppy!

So let’s start from the beginning.

First days at home…

For me it is something unprecedented. Everything is still alien to me. The smells, the spaces, the noises, even the taste of the food. Once I have grown up and been over a month and a half old, I will slowly need no more milk. Although very tasty it is very likely to cause digestive problems and surely we do not want that …

My food needs to be carefully planed and organized, both quantitative and qualitative, so we can assure the

1. proper development of all vital organs

2. proper development of the musculoskeletal system

excellent vision

healthy and shiny hair

5.normal metabolism

A visit to the vet is necessary, of course, for preventive control, general advice and my first vaccines!

My first vaccine will be administered at an average in the age of 6 weeks.It is a dual effect vaccine (one for parventitis (typhoid) and the other contains Carre’s disease virus (mildew).

My second vaccination will be administered at the age of 8-9 weeks, with the fivefold vaccine for Parventitis, Carre’s disease, infectious hepatitis, infectious tracheobronchitis and leptospirosis.

This vaccine is repeated at 12 and 16 weeks, with intervals of 3-4 weeks.

The rabies vaccine is given once at the age of 12-16 weeks and is repeated like the fivefold one, in one year. Below you can find some imperative annual vaccinations, which you should not forget! Put a reminder on your cellphone or leave a note on the refrigerator door!

(If I do not receive colostrum it is recommended that the first vaccine be given at the age of 4 weeks!)

In addition to these mandatory vaccines there are alseo the following vaccines…

The vaccine for Bordetella bronchiseptica at 8, 12 and 16 weeks of age.

The leishmaniasis vaccine, the first of which is given at 6 months of age. Before deciding on this vaccine, ask our doctor to inform you about all the side effects!

The dermatophyte vaccine, which can be administered after 8 weeks of age, is followed by two other doses with a 10-21 day interval and one repeated vaccination each year.

(The vaccination program that each veterinarian chooses to follow may vary and may be modified.)

As you can see, when I arrive at your home, you wll have a full time job, vaccinating me!

However unpleasant it may sound, it is necessary. I need a strong immune system and antibodies to be protected against serious and deadly diseases.

I will be stressed out at home for the first time. Make sure that I move around only in one room of the house (eg living room) when you are away or asleep, because at first the house will be chaotic for me.

During the night, I would probably wake you up with tears and moans. But I want to check how easily you get angry. I want to find out your limits. If you don’t pay attention to me , don’t worry, I’ll get over it. I am a baby and it is normal to cry and ask for attention. It is preferable to wear earplugs to sleep, rather than to combine the situation with something that will be a good thing every time I moan! It will be an opportunity to complain all the time …

At my age, as with all babies, I need to go to the toilet very often and it is impossible for me to hold on. Use diapers for me and help me figure out what their usability is …

Never give me a comment by shouting my name!

If you want to scold me use the “no” and “no” in rigorous tone. Otherwise it is very possible to combine my name with something negative and it would be a shame to be confused. Always reward me when I do something good to know what you like.

When you sit down to eat, I will unfold all my charm to give offer me a small bite. Just a small one … Don’t do it! You will regret it later when you become jealous and you will NEVER be able to eat with peace of mind…

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Also, when I sleep, I go to deep sleep! I know how cute I am but … don’t bother me or wake me up! For me, these hours of sleep are very important. Quality sleep and quality food play a significant role to my body and mental growth, which is very fast and rapid at this level.

And above all! Do not forget: I need a lot of love , devotion and a piece of your time. Never and for no reason do not hit me. Not by hand , not by a newspaper, not even with a feather. I am still a baby after all…

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